This Extremely Pregnant Fitness Instructor Still Has Six-Pack Abs And She’ll Prove It

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01.28.16 16 Comments

Pregnancy and fitness are both touchy subjects, especially when it comes to social media. Women love to document their “baby bumps” for the world, and gym selfies are also hot fire. Combine the two, and the internet could explode. Fitness instructor Stacie Venagro has led her followers through every phase of pregnancy with a vow to hold onto her six-pack abs until the bitter end. Of course, Venagro owns her own fitness training company. She’s certified in a wide range of gym-related areas, and she’s a former Miss World Fitness America title holder. So, it makes sense that she would branch out into “fitness pregnancy,” which is a lucrative field.

Venagro’s Instagram page reflects her crusade. To be clear, she’s currently seven months pregnant, and she’s still the proud owner of a six-pack abs. The media coverage has pointed out as much, and Venagro is pretty cool with these assertions (mostly because they are true).

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