We’re Pretty Sure Shia LaBeouf Is Just Trolling Everyone At This Point And It’s Amazing

We noted how Shia LaBeouf was copying speeches and “storming off” the stage earlier, but the showcase continues to the red carpet where SheHA is making a statement. Donned in a brown paper bag, much like your favorite bottle of cheap hooch, LaBeouf still took the time to stop and wait for photographers at the premiere of Lars Von Triers’ Nymphomaniac.

You might remember his paper bag mantra from back when LaBeouf was getting served by Daniel Clowes, but he’s making it a thing now. Gawker points out that the bar code is also part of the show because it shows how celebrities are only products or something, but I think it’s just because those bags come with a bar code.

I’m fairly sure this is going to be an elaborate scheme. I don’t believe he’s on drugs and I don’t believe he’s truly as off kilter. But even if he isn’t those things, it’s still a lot of fun to watch.

(Images via gettyimages)