Prince Fielder Helped Himself To A Fan’s Nachos Because A Guy’s Got To Eat

Senior Writer
09.19.13 4 Comments

Prince gets some nachos

Barring a complete, miserable and probably hilarious collapse, the Detroit Tigers basically have the American League Central wrapped up, so they can afford to have a little bit of fun as long as they’re not blowing any games. Earlier today, the Tigers defeated the Seattle Mariners 5-4, and Detroit first baseman Prince Fielder had a pretty good time at the plate, going 3-for-4 with 2 doubles and 2 runs.

He also had a pretty good time at one fan’s plate, because after he hauled ass for a foul ball, Fielder grabbed himself a nacho from that unsuspecting fan. I’m guessing the fan wasn’t too upset, but knowing the price of ballpark food these days, Fielder could have at least paid him the $20 that one chip costs.

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