Princess Jasmine Cat Riding A Roomba-Powered Magic Carpet Is The Ultimate Test In Feline Patience

The worst part about this video isn’t that this poor cat is being forced to dress like Princess Jasmine from Aladdin or sit on a jaunty little Persian Carpet on a top of a Roomba — it’s that this is a boy cat. Yes, this is the infamous Max the Roomba-Riding Cat, previously seen dressed like a shark while chasing a duck. I mean aren’t they worried that Max is going to get bullied by other boy cats for dressing up as a princess? Or that he’ll grow up confused or even worse yet, he’ll — *lowers voice* — turn gay? SMH.

Kidding, obviously. If Max feels like he best identifies wearing a princess dress, then more power to him. Now excuse me while I watch this GIF on an endless loop.

(Via Huffington Post)