Footage Of The Follow-Up To ‘Dark Souls II’ Has Leaked, And It Looks Fantastic

Still beating your head against Dark Souls II? Well, you better wrap it up sometime this year, because rumors have begun swirling that From Software, the developer behind Dark Souls, has a new game on the way for the PS4 this year codenamed Project Beast.

Well, those rumors became a little bit more real today when a clip of Project Beast leaked on NeoGAF. Now, this hasn’t been substantiated by From Software, but frankly it looks way too good to be fake. If it’s a hoax, it’s a hoax that cost millions of dollars.

Check it out below…

Lovin’ those next-gen leaves all over the ground! Certainly looks like Project Beast is going to end up being Dark Souls 3 — we’ll know for sure come E3.

Via Destructoid