People Can’t Stop Making Jokes About This Couple’s Failed Prom Entrance

Prom: What a magical, magical time of the year for teenage boys and girls. After the promposals have been made, the dresses have been bought, tuxes rented, limos coordinated, and corsages affixed, all that’s left to do is walk down the dang stairs and make your grand entrance to your adoring family, as they “ooh” and “aah” at their babies all grown up.

That was supposed to be the case for high school seniors Jordyn McManus and her date, boyfriend Austin Cooper, at the McManus family home last weekend. As they round the corner to make their big reveal, a woman’s voice can be heard saying “aww, look at you guys,” just before Austin’s foot slips and he goes tumbling down the stairs. Thankfully since this is 2017, instead of simply capturing a blurry photo, someone was recording video of the blessed moment which Jordyn summed up on Twitter: “At least we tried.”

Since posting the video on Sunday, Jordyn’s tweet has gotten over 100,000 retweets and and nearly 300,000 likes at the time of this writing, and the jokes and reactions have been coming in fast and strong.

Someone even gave it the remix treatment:

If there’s any upside to this, while many people have a foggy recollection of prom at best, it’s safe to say Jordyn and Austin won’t be forgetting their special night anytime soon.

(BroBible via Mashable)