PSN Coming Back This Week?

As most PS3 owners know, because 360 owners won’t stop gloating about it, the PlayStation Network is still down, thus bringing sadness to all the griefers and that thirteen-year-old who swears every third word because he thinks it makes him edgy and inspires gamers to new heights of team-killing. Most of the rest of us are just annoyed about having to change our credit cards and wondering what free stuff we’re getting out of it.

Well, the network is coming up later this week, with the Store coming up a bit later. Oh, and also Qrocity, if you care about that. So our long national vague annoyance is over, and we can let the whining commence.

As for the loot drop, it’s one free month of PlayStation Plus (whoopee), and some unannounced free stuff by region, which will be announced later. My guess? A free download of some Sony action movie we couldn’t care less about, and probably one or two of the cheapest Minis in the store.

[ via the angry birds at Kotaku ]