‘Gangnam Style’ K-Pop Sensation PSY Returns With A New Earworm To Haunt Us All

Sometimes, the Internet bands to together to make something not just viral, but MEGA VIRAL. We did it with the Ice Bucket Challenge. We did it with Grumpy Cat. And we did it with a South Korean music video.

Where were you when you first heard K-Pop sensation PSY sing ‘Gangnam Style’ in 2012? Was it gathered around a monitor at work, wondering why you couldn’t stop listening to this ear worm? Or did is sneak up on you in a link sent by that one Internet-savvy friend who insisted, “You have to watch this. Trust me?” Perhaps you heard it in the club and were confounded when everyone around burst into the ’Oppa’ invisible horse dance move. Regardless, I know what you’re thinking now: “Wait, what? ‘Gangnam Style’ came out half a decade ago?!”

Yes friends, the inexorable march of time places its icy hand of mortality upon us all. But never fear! PSY is back with a brand-new song (and dance move) that will make us forget the sweet release of death is growing every closer. Entitled ‘New Face,’ the catchy tune was released on YouTube on May 10, 2017 and as of this writing is already closing in on 11 million views. So there’s a good chance PSY is going to break the Internet and take over every wedding reception and spin class in the country. Again. Take that, Kim Kardashian!