‘Quentin Tarantino – The Works’ Is The Best Tarantino Tribute You’ll See Today

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11.07.11 2 Comments

Joel Walden (aka YouTube’s heresjohnny1991) is a twenty year-old Canadian editing prodigy and film enthusiast who was only a year-old when Reservoir Dogs came out yet has still amassed a great appreciation for the work of Quentin Tarantino. (Feeling old? Did you hear Ralph Macchio is fifty?)

My issues with someone being born in 1991 aside, the kid can edit the hell out of some film montages. He just released the below Tarantino dedication and I feel confident standing by the title of this post. The “When the Levee Breaks” opening is pitch perfect and I totally forgot how much I enjoyed Death Proof until I relived Arlene’s face getting ripped off by a tire. I only hope Walden updates this after the release of Django Unchained, as I feel pretty confident in saying it is going to be metal.

Slightly NSFW (see: aforementioned face rip off). Tarantino’s reaction after the jump.

Via The High Definite. Tarantino GIF via Film Drunk.

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