Quentin Tarantino Thought ‘Prometheus’ Was Dumb

I liked Prometheus quite a bit, but a lot of people didn’t. Quentin Tarantino, it turns out, is one of the non-likers, which is saying something considering some of movies he’s on record as liking. Just saying, you can usually predict his favorite movies of the year by just checking out what’s playing at the 3-dollar cheap seats.

Quentin’s main criticism of Prometheus, expressed on a recent episode of Craig Ferguson, was the same one many people had — the characters were often really goddamn dumb…

“There was a lot of dumb stuff in it. When it got to the point where they’re on another planet and then a space cobra literally shows up, opens up its hood and the guy who’s in charge of alien creatures goes, [adopts girlish dumb voice] ‘Hey, little fella! How ya doin?’ I was like, uhhhhh…. It’s a space cobra!”

Also, why didn’t the camera focus more on Noomi Rapace’s feet as she was running around the ship in her gauze bikini? Come on, if you want Quentin Tarantino’s approval, there’s certain prerequisites that need to be met.

via Blastr