Quentin Tarantino’s Gawker Lawsuit Has Been Struck Down, But It’s Not Out Yet

The odyssey that is Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight continues to motor along following the recent live read and rumors that the script may find its way to film after all. The same could be said about the story of Tarantino’s Hateful Eight lawsuit against Gawker Media, especially after the case was thrown out of court. From Deadline:

“The court grants defendant’s motion on the grounds that plaintiff has failed to adequately plead facts establishing direct infringement by a third party or facts that would demonstrate Defendant either caused, induced, or materially contributed to the alleged direct infringement of those third party infringers,” said Judge John Walter today in an order on Gawker’s motion to dismiss.

Essentially, by not being able to display a particular case of infringement facilitated by Gawker’s actions, the judge decided the director has nothing solid to move forward with.“Plaintiff merely speculates that some direct infringement must have taken place,” says Walter.

“For example, Plaintiff’s Complaint fails to allege the identity of a single third-party infringer, the date, the time, or the details of a single instance of third-party infringement, or, more importantly, how Defendant allegedly caused, induced, or materially contributed to the infringement by those third parties.”

Now much like the source material at question here, Tarantino’s law suit may not have seen the last of the spotlight. The judge has allowed for the celebrated director to amend his original suit with some relevant details and bring it back to the court by May 1st. Hopefully he can stay away his huge mound of cocaine and collection of hooker feet until then, a Herculean task if there ever was one.

(Via Deadline)