Rachel McAdams Just Skyrocketed Up The List Of ‘Celebrities You Want To Meet In A Bar’

12.13.12 5 years ago 9 Comments

Would I like to run into the lovely Rachel McAdams in a bar? Sure, why not. Then I could pull the old “She was about to give me her number but I told her I wasn’t dialing Canada” routine with my buddies. But before perusing Reddit this morning she wasn’t someone I actively hoped to run into in a drinking establishment. That changed with this well played post title from Redditor CMiller84:

So I’m sitting in a bar…and this chick asks me if I’ve ever seen “The Notebook”…

From what I can gather from the Q&A that epic bro CMills took part in in the comments she didn’t actually ask that, but I intend to tell people that’s what Rachel McAdams does when she walks into bars as this is how urban legends get started, people.

Here’s a recap of the interaction that could be complete bullsh*t but still make for fun reading:

Tequila shot one-upmanship from a leading lady? Yes please. You just know Miller split a shot of Jager two ways the first go round.

Should have asked her why “feet” is the first suggestion that pops up when you Google her name. Gotta bring them down to earth before requesting digits. Someone has a lot to learn, but cool story anyway, bro.


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