Rachtroll: So, ‘Never Going To Give You Up’ Is In Klingon Now

I know, I know, I should have posted this under the headline GRAND THEFT AUTO 6 SURPRISE UNVEILING or PRINCESS LEIA NUDE PICS UNCOVERED. I guess I’m just no good at rickrolling.

Well anyways, somebody went and redid Never Going to Give You Up in Klingon! How did this not exist until now? Come on Internet, step it up.

It says something that this video of nerds singing off-key in Klingon is still significantly less dweeby than the original Rick Astley video.

Oh, by the way, speaking of Star Trek, NEW STAR TREK TV SERIES TO STAR KATE UPTON’S BUTT. Click the link! Click it!

Did I get you? No? S–t. Oh well, on the bright side this will probably be my most Google searched story ever.

via Topless Robot