Raiders Fans Flipped Off Riley Cooper, Who Has Been Through So, So Much

11.04.13 6 years ago 54 Comments

Riley Cooper was the recipient of three of Nick Foles’ record-tying seven touchdown passes on Sunday in Oakland. On the third of which, he was greeted by a sea of fans throwing trash at him and hurling middle fingers his way. Any interpretation works – that they’re reacting to Cooper specifically because he’s a racist piece of shit or that he happens to be an Eagles player scoring on the Raiders.

Should you feel sorry for Cooper? Well, I suppose that depends on how much empathy you have for people who spew hateful comments and suffer little to no consequences for it. I tend to be somewhat unfeeling for that sort of person, but that’s me.

Nevertheless, there’s always our favorite nugget slinger here to tell us we should just get over it, already.




Beyond the obnoxious straw man Peter has constructed to throw rocks at people, it’s not even the first time PK has jumped to the defense of Cooper. The video of Cooper vowing to “fight every n*gger here” at a Kenny Chesney concert wasn’t even a week old when King compared Cooper’s campaign for forgiveness to, inexplicably, Martin Luther King and Trayvon Martin. PK also claimed Riley Cooper can’t be a racist because he has two black friends, which couldn’t be any obtuse reasoning.

Even worse than PK’s hollow talk of forgiveness is that a month from now he’ll undoubtedly be calling for a black player to be summarily released for making a dumb comment about a teammate.

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