Rainn Wilson Watched Matthew McConaughey’s Brother Get His Face Smashed In A Bar Fight

Rainn Wilson, former The Office star and lead on Fox’s Backstrom, was the most recent guest on Kevin Pollack’s Chat Show podcast, and the two actors discussed Wilson’s career for over 90 minutes. Eventually, the conversation focused on his role in 2005’s box-office tragedy Sahara, which starred Matthew McConaughey. “I think his role on True Detective, that’s who he really is. Kind of,” Wilson said.

Along with mentioning a car ride during one scene that involved a heavy amount of goat urine, Wilson detailed a fantastic story about McConaughey’s older brother, Rooster, and a violent encounter he happened to witness during the filming of Sahara.

He’s got a brother named Rooster. He comes from a Texas oil family. Not like a super rich oil family….Rooster, the oil man, came in from Texas to visit. Raging alcoholic, hammered all the time. He’s like hammered at the bar. I was there at this bar in Spain while we were shooting….All these English Teamsters were there working on it, these big burly soccer hooligans. Rooster was like, ‘At least we saved your ass in World War II.’ This big bald, Cockney English bloke just looked at him and just went ‘BOOM’ and knocked him out cold, blood spurting out of his nose….He didn’t give a f*ck if it was MM’s brother, you were not going to put down the British in World War II. So, Rooster just came with a giant, swollen purple nose for the rest of it.

Rainn describing the end of Rooster’s night starts near the 56 minute mark in the video above.