Raising The Roof With Cute Dogs And The Links

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Happy Birthday To Us: A Gallery of Birthday Animals |Gamma Squad|

It’s Official: Netflix Is Bringing Back ‘Arrested Development’ For Another Season |UPROXX|

The Best And Most Ridiculous Of The 2011 Guinness World Records Day |With Leather|

How Tupac Dealt With A Jewelry Thief On The Set Of “Juice” |Smoking Section|

Just What ‘The Matrix’ Needed: Mambo No. 5 |Film Drunk|

How To Properly Hide Booze In Facebook Photos — With Cats |UPROXX|

Bad Lip Reading’s Ron Paul Video May Be The Best One Yet |UPROXX|

ESPN’s Lee Corso Says The F-Word, The World Laughs |Smoking Section|

Brett Butler Is Doing Great |Warming Glow|

Finally, Someone Hates Aaron Rodgers |With Leather|


This Explains So Much. |Warming Glow|

Star Wars: The Force, A Supercut |GorillaMask|

The Tale Of The Trolled Waiter (picture) |I-Am-Bored|

‘Community’ Ratings: Did the Social Media Campaigns Work? |AOL TV|

Kermit on Jason Segel’s Nude Scene: He Had ‘Shortcomings’ |Moviefone|

Adult Swim Internet Treasures – 15 Best Webcontents of the Week |Adult Swim|

Portal Cookie Cutters: Burn the Companion Cube Over and Over Again |Technabob|

30 inexplicably damning reviews for awesome movies. More Ebert can be expected |FARK|

The 5 Best #SAVECOMMUNITY Campaign Posters Made To Avert The Darkest Timeline |Pajiba|

VIDEO BELOW: Bandit the Corgi valiantly battles a staircase. |via TastefullyOffensive|

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