Rampage Jackson’s Creepiest YouTube Moments

06.01.11 7 years ago 5 Comments

Question: Does MMA superstar/part-time actor Rampage Jackson not have anyone close to him who can sit him down and give him a lesson on how to act in the presence of attractive females in public, especially when cameras are on him? Or is he just completely out of control?
Because he crossed a line, again, by sort of motorboating reporter Karyn Bryant during an interview, mentioning that she made him “horny” along the way. This follows at least two incidents that I can recall off the top of my head in which he literally dry-humped reporters during interviews. And then there was another video that surfaced on the web a while back where Rampage was going on and on to a female store clerk about how huge his d*ck is. Yet there’s no mention of his borderline rape-y antics on his Wikipedia page at all. This guy must employ the greatest “fixer” of all time — George Clooney’s character in Michael Clayton has nothing on that guy.
After the jump, video of the latest incident, as well as video of the past incidents I mentioned.
(HT: Barstool Sports)
Here’s the interview with Karyn Bryant…

Here he is creepily dry-humping Heather Nichols

EMBED-Rampage Dry Humps Cagepotato Reporter – Watch more free videos
Here he is dry-humping a Japanese lady reporter…

And here he is shopping for a jock strap that will hold his dick (Ok, I’ll admit, this made me laugh the first time I saw it.)

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