Rand Paul Made A Fake Pinterest Page For Hillary Clinton Because Presidential Candidates Do That

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Rand Paul set up a fake Pinterest page for Hillary Clinton. Why? Because this is what grown men who might run for president in 2016 do nowadays.

The senator from Kentucky hasn’t officially announced his candidacy yet, but he will very likely be a Republican front-runner. According to Paul’s social media team, Clinton’s interests include remodeling the White House with heart-shaped pools, hanging with her “bae” Bill, and lying about Benghazi:

The profile, revealed on Valentine’s Day, is full of images that Rand and his team of sassy millennial staffers imagine Hillary would put on the social media site used largely by Midwestern women.

Here are a few of the boards, which included titles like “White House Remodel,” “Inspirational Quotes,” and “Brian and Me” — the last likely referring to NBC anchor Brian Williams’s recent suspension:

It’s pretty juvenile for a potential presidential candidate, but the most disappointing part is the sheer lack of effort. The board with the most pins is “Friends First” (pictures of Hillary meeting with leaders in the Middle East), and out of the four pictures in the “Brian and Me,” three of them are identical.

Source: Mediaite