Randy Quaid Has A Shouty Message For Bernie Sanders And ‘Emaillary’ Clinton

The last time we checked in with Randy Quaid, he was planning on becoming a firefighter after he and his wife Evi had been released from a Vermont jail where they had been locked up trying to re-enter the United States from Canada after they had been hiding out since 2010 to evade trespassing and vandalism charges in California. Whew! That’s a mouthful!

Whatever Quaid is up to now, he’s definitely been paying attention to current events, and like many Bernie Sanders supporters, he is NOT happy about Sanders throwing his support behind Hillary Clinton. In this video posted to Twitter, he references the DNC email leak, yelling his message loud and clear: “HASHTAG, YELL (?), HELL NO BER-NIE, WE WON’T VOTE FOR EMAILLARY. HELL NO BER-NIE, WE WON’T VOTE FOR EMAILLARY.”

Wait, who are we not supposed to vote for again? Honestly, I think the most shocking thing here is that Donald Trump didn’t come up with the nickname “Emaillary” first. Really? It seems so obvious in hindsight. Maybe Trump will hit him up, since Quaid has clearly lost hope with the Democrats. Secretary of State Randall Quaid has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? How about Attorney General? He could finally expose the “Star Whackers.”