This Ranking Twitter Meme Is The Snarky Take On Internet Ranking Lists We’ve Been Waiting For

06.28.18 9 months ago

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As we all know, culture is highly subjective, and the only thing people like doing more than coming up with ranking lists on the internet are bickering about ranking lists. God help anyone who has ever, say, tried to come up with a definitive ranking of Rick and Morty characters or posted an especially bad food take on Twitter. In other words, RIP your mentions.

That’s why a new ranking meme making the rounds on Twitter is so much fun, which takes a rather anti-list setup by making an overall grand statement on why it’s not productive or healthy to ranks things and then throws in an amusing “Shyamalan twist” at the end.

Take for example, this tweet about the best Netflix shows, ranked:

The correct answer is actually Parks and Recreation, by the way, but in the spirit of the meme I guess we can let that slide.

The meme can be used to rank literally anything however, from basketball players and animals to condiments and female pop stars:

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