A Cuddly Rat Teaches A Man Why You Shouldn’t Sleep On The Train

Ahh, New York City. The land of delicious pizza, rude people and over-sized arrogant rats who shuffle around like they own the place. And yet, a man still made the crucial mistake of taking a nap aboard a train and ended up looking like a Serta Select to a gross rodent as a result.

Instagrammer — and true New Yorker — Anthony Lin was just riding the 7 train late Sunday night when he spotted a big-ass subway rat scurrying about. Like most people, Lin pulled out his phone and recorded the typical sighting for social media since the rat was so “huge.” But things got even more disgusting than Lin imagined when the rat spotted a sleeping man. Rather than scurrying along, the rat crawled atop Sleeping Man and got all the way to his neck before Sleeping Man was awoken by Rat’s germy and dirty furs brushing against the back of his head. According to Lin, Sleeping Man got up, screamed and ran “into the next car fast as hell.”

Lin says while seeing subway rats is nothing new, this encounter was a bit different, telling NBC 4 New York, “It’s just insane and disgusting overall to see that. I’ve seen [rats] on the tracks and platform, but never inside the train.”

It’s too bad the MTA’s “If You See Something, Say Something” doesn’t apply to rats crawling on commuters.