Ready Your Plastic Guitars, ‘Rock Band’ May Be Preparing For An Encore

Hey, remember when everybody was obsessed with buying miniature plastic instruments so they could play an overly elaborate and expensive version of Simon? Yup, Rock Band was definitely a thing that happened, and it may be happening again!

Rock Band 3 stopped releasing DLC around two years ago, but they suddenly started updating again and just announced two new downloadable songs with very telling names — Tenacious D’s Rize Of The Fenix and Weezer’s Back to the Shack. Rock Band 3 community manager Aaron Trites had this to say about the unexpected releases: “They are awesome songs with great titles. Rock on!”

Hmmmm! This isn’t the only clue that Rock Band may be due for an encore. Harmonix, the Rock Band game developer, sent out a survey last month asking fans for their thoughts on the future of the franchise.

I’ll admit, Rock Band and Guitar Hero were never really my jam because I have all the rhythm of, well, a white male blogger, but it did seem like the trend died kind of suddenly. Stuff like Skylanders and Nintendo’s Amiibos clearly demonstrate that people are still willing to buy overpriced plastic accessories with their games, so why not give the mini-guitars another go? Add some sort of NFC tech to them, and people won’t be able to resist.

via Eurogamer