Here's A Collection Of Incredibly Real Hurricane Sandy Photos People Are Currently Looking At

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10.30.12 6 Comments

Yesterday Josh put together this PSA of supposed Hurricane Sandy photos that at the time were going viral and taking the web by, um, storm (sorry) despite the fact that all the images in question were either photoshops or taken at a different date.
After the devastation that has occurred across the East Coast over the last twenty-four hours there are plenty of incredible real photos for the internet to pass along. So to provide some balance here are a handful of images (like the one above from Ground Zero) that are currently making their way across the web and accurately capture the event. I’m 90% sure these are 100% not fake.

Hoboken ( ).
Before and After Funtown Pier ( ).
Parking garage in NYC’s Financial District ( ).
Hoboken Train Station ( ).
Brooklyn Battery Tunnel ( ).
Ossining, NY ( ).
Breezy Point, Queens ( ).
Jane’s Carousel

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