‘Red Hood And The Outlaws’ Get Ready To Fight Ra’s Al Ghul In This Exclusive Preview

It’s not easy being Jason Todd. Your mentor doesn’t like you, your best friends in the world are dead, and now you’re fighting Ra’s Al Ghul. But, hey, at least it makes his comic fun to read, as we’ll see in this exclusive preview of Red Hood And The Outlaws.

For those who haven’t been following, well, it’s pretty straightforward: Ra’s Al Ghul is trying to take over the world again, and this time he’s using an order of killers known as The Untitled to do it. It’s pretty closely tied to Jason’s new origin as part of an order called the All Caste, which were wiped out. Needless to say, being the last member of the order, Jason’s stuck cleaning up their mess. Which includes fight Ra’s in the not-at-all-ominously titled Well of Sins.

Red Hood And The Outlaws got shredded at the beginning of the New 52, but, once James Tynion IV took over, it became a lot less about Starfire’s bikini and more about Jason Todd’s reinvented backstory. The theme has become one of redemption: Can you atone for your past actions? Or can you just try to forget them? Here’s a look at what that involves, and the full story will be on the stands next week.