Red Shirt Guy Responds, Becomes an NPC

11.01.10 8 years ago 3 Comments

If you aren’t familiar with Red Shirt Guy yet you need to click here and bow before your new king. Short version is he pointed out a storyline flaw in World of Warcraft at the 2010 BlizzCon and stumped both Alex Afrasiabi and Chris Metzen. BOOSH. This GQ motherf–ker just Wildhammered their Falstad and busted a load of Vanilla Wow in their hair.

Since some people were making snide remarks on YouTube (shocking, right?), Red Shirt Guy donned the same red shirt and posted a response at his YouTube account (InsaneGuyofDOOM), where he clarified that his voice sounded weird because of how nervous he was, and he also said he has Asperger’s. Then he calmly gave the name of his guild but not his character, because he knows better than that. Basically, he just set the internet on fire and walked away in slow motion wearing sunglasses and not looking back.

Also, check out the banner pic. Falstad Wildhammer has been added to Cataclysm, and he now has a dwarven “fact checker” assistant in a red shirt as a non-player character.  And Blizzard says the red-shirted fact checker will be in the final version of the game. Yep. Red Shirt Guy is becoming canon.

[Hat tip and immediate straightening of my hat to TDW and Geekosystem.]

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