These Redditors Pinpoint The Moment Their Relationships Crumbled, And Someone’s Bitter


In hindsight, most people can generally nail the moment a relationship fell spectacularly apart. This knowledge doesn’t provide the subject with much pleasure, but clarity is often worth the pain. Many Redditors gathered together in the “How Did You Know Your S.O. Was Not The One?” thread. The answers run the gamut and include money problems and a whole lot of infidelity. We’re only receiving one side of the story in all these tales, and more guys responded than ladies, so the thread skews accordingly.

However, most of these jilted parties are simply venting because much buried pain springs forth within this thread. There’s resentment, some lingering confusion, and lots of embarrassment, but — thankfully — brighter times ahead for most of these users. Everyone deserves someone who will make them happy, and it’s far better to leave a bad relationship than to stick around and be miserable just to be with someone. Let’s jump in and learn (and laugh) from the romantic misfortunes of others:

WadeWilsonForPope wasted hours and tons of stress before seeing the light:

“When I would sit in the driveway in my car before going inside. The stress was killing me.”

ViralityFarm saw the signs early on before making the ultimate commitment:

“While looking at engagement rings she mentioned that she found the one and she had to have that ONE ring … It was $35,000. She wouldn’t compromise. I had saved up $6,000 for a ring and at this moment my eyes were opened at her crazy financial expectations. She didn’t last long after that. Bullet dodged.”

BilliardDaddy sounds like he dated a real winner:

“She actually said this to me: Do you really think anyone else will want you?”

DoctorPuddingPop didn’t come out ahead, but he found the perfect party dip:

“When she wanted to go to a Halloween party with some new fly by night friends and I wanted to go to a party with all our really close friends. We went separate ways that night so naturally she f*cked a dude there. On the plus side there was some good 5-layer dip where I went so 8/10 would recommend.”

IPreferDeuxEeks was too weak to stop the train before it careened down the tracks:

“The moment I met her. She gave me attention so that was nice, but I never thought she was the one. Ever. BAM Teen pregnancy. Marriage. Army. 10 years later i find out she cheated on me with a lot of dudes, including my best friend … ex best friend.”

Chatatha was “blind-sided,” but should’ve seen the signs:

“When I walked up behind her in the kitchen and gave her a nice hug (aka no boob grabbing) and followed it up with a kiss on the back of her neck… and she recoiled. This was after 14 years or so of marriage. A year after that she would tell me it was over, she didn’t love me anymore. I was blind-sided. But in retrospect, that moment stuck out and should have rang an alarm.”

NotJeremy tried so hard, he got tired of trying:

“When everyday went from constant happiness to a constant struggle to prove how much I cared. To the point where I would document things I did (ie. times I took her out that week, gifts I had bought her, crazy sh*t like this) to prove to her that I did in fact care about her.”

Z0mbiegrl got shafted by a guy who used her money to cheat on her:

“It wasn’t until after he left me and I’d had enough time and distance to look at things objectively and it hit me like a tidal wave. WTF was I thinking? How could I let someone allow me to work 2 jobs to support us both while he sat around talking to his ex on AIM all day? How could I take him back after he cheated and lied to me? How was any of his behavior ever OK with me?”

VitriolicNaivety (he’s back) may or may not be Chandler Bing:

“When I found out that she was married, and had two additional boyfriends besides me … I don’t know. She slept at my house almost everyday, but on the weekend she would stay with her husband. Some days she had ‘office parties’ where she would sleep at a friend’s house. Turns out the friend lived with her uncle, that was tapping her as well. Some days she would go out with a friend. Yeah. He was f*cking her too.”

Puchritudinousest heard it straight from an impartial third party:

“When I went to see a marriage therapist on my own and he told me it sounded like my marriage was over.”

RustyRancid ignored some warning signs for far too long, it seems:

“Being intimate came to a halt. She blamed it on not having a sex drive. Glanced at her texting some other guy and he was saying he was having ‘withdrawals’ and he enjoyed what they did the other night. She told me she couldn’t give me what I wanted. She doesn’t know I saw the texts. Broke up with me broke my heart and I moved on.”

Poor SuckItPeasants never wanted the relationship to end, but knew the drill and didn’t try to stop the inevitable:

“When she said we were done and she didn’t love me anymore. She was still the one for me, but she can’t be, if I’m not the one for her.”

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