The Redskins Make The Other Gruden Their Head Coach

Kudos to Dan Snyder for finding a worse to head coach hire than Jim Caldwell. That takes vision. Mike Zimmer would have been the smart choice, but he actually has his pick of jobs and the Redskins can’t land anyone with other potential offers, so instead they settled for the other Bengals coordinator on the market.

Cincinnati was sixth in the NFL in scoring this season, which should translate well to Washington so long as he brings Cincy’s O-line and A.J. Green along with him. For what it’s worth, the Bengals offense was ranked 17th according to Football Outsiders DVOA metrics. On the bright side, Gruden is the fourth best Arena League player of all-time. Even better than Kurt Warner!

Oh, and it gets better (or worse, if you happen to be a ‘Skins fan):


Can we already claim the Redskins are tanking for the top pick in 2015?