Reel Or Fake? Watch A 6-Year Old Kid Haul In A 100-Pound Tarpon

According to the folks over at BlacktipH, the 100% completely legit video that you’re about to watch features a 6-year old boy named Reed catching and reeling in a 100-pound tarpon almost entirely on his own. Now, I don’t know much about fishing for sport, but I have to assume that a little kid landing such a huge fish is a pretty marvelous accomplishment.

After catching a huge hammerhead, we went out to catch some tarpon. Reed was the first angler to catch a tarpon. The fish was bigger than him! He is only 6 years old! I was very impressed on how he handled and fought the tarpon. His tarpon weighed over 100lbs!

So how exactly did this miniature Hemingway do it?


Bait Used — Mullet
Hook — 7/0 Eagle Claw circle hook
Leader — 60lb Fluorocarbon
Reel — Quantum Cabo 60
Line — 50lb Seaguar braid
Rod — 7ft Quantum Blu PT 12-25lb

I have no clue what any of that means, but I’m sure that all throughout the country, trash fish aficionados rejoiced.

Alas, all is not well in YouTube land. You see, some people believe that Reed’s feat was the beneficiary of some helpful editing, and YouTube user “LeeRoy Cabrera” was quick to call shenanigans on this accomplishment.

Yea sure the boy hooked it & reeled it in alone. No offense little man but you would not have done that without daddy’s help, too many camera transitions keep the feed live and on the boy then he can real proof of his fishing skills.

Um, first of all, he’s six-years old. So you’re cool, Internet tough guy. But the guys at BlacktipH stand by their word that this video is the real McCoy.

The video was edited for viewing entertainment. I could upload the full length video, but it’s over 20 minutes long and nobody would watch the entire video (including myself).

I’m sure LeeRoy is standing by his theory that this is fake, and he probably went outside to push a child off of his bike and punch a puppy for good measure. In the meantime, good for you, Reed. Let me know when you’ve got some swordfish steaks for me to grill.