The Best Rejected Candy Hearts The Internet Has To Offer This Valentine’s Day

02.12.14 5 years ago 4 Comments


I think we can all agree that the only good thing about Valentine’s Day is the potential for humor. Without that we’re left with a made up holiday that crushes the souls of approximately 90% of the population (per my research). So again, thank god for the humor. Like the #RejectedCandyHearts hashtag that has been trending on Twitter and Facebook and subsequently given us gems (like Romantic Buffalo Bill) to make Valentine’s Day suck a little less.

The clear gold star goes to Community’s social team for sharing these delightful rejects…


Too soon, you guys.  Way too soon.

Parks & Rec’s Twitter was not to be completely outdone


You know, because…


This is just good internet…


Another romantic collection…

rejected-candy-heart-clinic rejected-candy-heart-ex rejected-candy-heart-pooprejected-candy-heart-anal

For long-term relationships…


And a few more for good Valentine’s measure…


1911896_10202560901998188_815268238_n rejected-candy-heart-yourerejected-candy-heart-shia

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