This Rejection Experiment Proves Girls Are So Much More Brutal Than Guys

This video from the crafty minds at Whatever arrives with a generous presumption — that men are much kinder in their rejection of women when approached for dates. Of course, the dice are also loaded with a few variables. The fellow in this video acts a little too cocky, whereas the lady approaches in a shy and disarming way. He seems too sure of himself, and she acts like she could transform into a kitten at any moment. As such, the prospect of rejecting an egotistical fellow isn’t a tough decision, and most of these ladies do so without pausing for even a moment.

Of course, there are also social factors at work. The ladies who walk by the propositioning fella are undoubtedly used to catcalls, so they have desensitized themselves to thinking of this guy as someone who feels pangs of rejection. To them, this guy may as well be a stereotypical construction worker tossing an indiscriminate whistle. They probably don’t enjoy rejecting anyone, but encouraging a catcaller never works out for the best.

In contrast, these guys clearly aren’t used to being pursued. You can tell they’re immensely pleased to be asked out by an attractive female, and they don’t want to let her down. So, they ply her with compliments as they reject her. She knows they’re full of it, but hey, she made these guys’ weeks. Their months, even.

(Via Whatever)