Report: Apple Store Employees Get $4 Per Hour Raises


FYI, today might be a good day to visit an Apple Store, as today is basically the equivalent of Christmas for them. You’d probably be hard-pressed to find anyone being nothing but exceedingly nice.

Reports Business Insider:

Apple’s retail stores are giving employees raises today, according to a source.

Our source tells us that every Apple retail employee will get at least a $4-per-hour raise. Some people are getting more, says our source.

It will go into effect on their July 20 checks.

Since most Apple Store sales associates, aka employees who work on the floor, currently make an average of about $11.75 per hour, that’s roughly a 33% increase in hourly wage. The average Genius bar employee makes about $18 an hour, so they’ll be looking at a raise of somewhere between 15-20%. Not too shabby either way.

Meanwhile, yet another Chinese worker at Apple’s notorious Foxconn manufacturing facility leaped to his death today, so there’s that.

(Pic via Shutterstock)

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