Meet The TV Reporter Who Got Arrested For Pooping In Someone’s Front Yard While On Assignment

reporter arrested poop

From losing their composure because of a massive pair of pig’s balls to deflecting the worst pickup line ever devised on live television, television reporters deal with a lot of sh*t. And sometimes, whenever they’re out in the field and they have nowhere else to go, that’s precisely what they must use their honed skills as stalwart reporters to do. Take a dump, that is. Or at least that’s what a reporter in Goodyear, Arizona had to do when a series of circumstances apparently led to his pooping in a homeowner’s front-yard in full view of a voyeuristic, 911-dialing neighbor.

According to Vice, Goodyear police told the Phoenix New Times that Jonathan Lowe of the Arizona city’s CBS 5 station “chose to use the front yard of a residence to relieve himself.” After “an onlooker from across the street called it in to officers,” officers arrived on the scene and confronted Lowe, who “said he’d had to relieve himself, and they arrested him.” The reporter and a crew from the Phoenix CBS affiliate were in town covering a rather horrendous story about an Arizona State University football player who’d allegedly sacrificed his family’s poodle to appease a higher power by burning it alive in the family’s smoker.

Lowe was charged with public urination or defecation, a Class 1 misdemeanor in Goodyear that carries with it up to six months in jail or a fine of up to $2,500. His bosses at CBS 5 initially didn’t come out for or against their arrested employee. Nor did they, or any other major news outlets in the surround area besides New Times, cover the story. However, in an email from news director Dan Wilson on Friday afternoon, it was confirmed that Lowe no longer worked for the station.

(Via Vice and Phoenix New Times)