Watch This Thirsty Reporter Go Chasing Off After A Shirtless Aussie Hunk She Met On The Beach

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If I had a nickel for every time I daydreamed about peace’ing out of my job to chase after a set of perfect abs that happened to also be attached to some legs and a face, I’d be rich enough that hot guys with abs would come to me.  But alas, a daydream is all it is. Not for Australian KTLA reporter Wendy Burch it isn’t though. Burch was recently on assignment interviewing locals about recent shark sightings and whether it was appropriate for beaches to close after the appearance of more sharks than in years past.

If you take a drink every time interview subject James says the word “shark” in this minute-long clip, you’d be more than tipsy by the end of it. It’s not the actual content of the interview that spurs Wendy into action though, but the prospect of never seeing James again. Before she lets him on his way, she says “thank you in more ways than you know,” which is just about the thirstiest thing that we’ve ever seen a reporter say live on air.

Then, when James jogs (attractively) away, Wendy takes a longing look at his retreating form before her coworkers egg her on and encourage her to go after her newfound crush. So much respect, Wendy. So much respect. This is a video of a women not caring how the audience might view her, because there are abs in her future.

(via BroBible)

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