Watch This Reporter Accidentally Shame A Police Officer For Driving In Hurricane Matthew

As Hurricane Matthew bears down on Florida, residents are being warned to stay safely indoors and stay off the roads, as reporter Mike Manzoni for WFTV 9 News in Orlando told viewers Thursday night, in this footage captured by a high school student named Haley. “[People are] running by, waving, smiling, obviously not taking this seriously,” said Manzoni, before attempting to shame a driver in a vehicle headed in his direction. “I’m gonna turn the camera this way, you can actually see a car, coming up this way down Orange Ave., headed towards downtown Orlando. That car is not supposed to be on the road right now, but it is anyway.”

Oh snap, he showed them. Turning back to the camera, Manzoni continued to admonish drivers, while the aforementioned vehicle continued in his direction, finally pulling over right behind him. He went on, saying that he’s “not sure why people aren’t taking this seriously,” juuuuust before turning to actually see the car sitting behind him.

The comic timing is pretty perfect, especially when punctuated by laugh of the girl filming the video. But you have to give him props for the quick recovery, while most of us probably would have just dropped the mic and ran off camera. That’s what you call a professional.