A Rescued Baby Beaver Enjoys A Swim In The Pool And The Internet Collectively Goes “Awwwwww!”

Sometimes the only sensible thing to do is surrender to the cuteness. After all, only the undead could resist footage of a baby beaver taking a dip and that’s strictly because they have limited access to wifi.

The weapons grade display of adorability at the top of the page is from the Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation in Canada. (No, Wolverine’s never hung out there.) We’re treated to a zippy clip of this lil’ beaver enjoying some time in the pool. The beaver grooms, we say “awwwww” and the world is a better place for it.

“He was found orphaned at a Calgary-area golf course and will remain in care until he’s old enough to be released,” explains the institute in the accompanying caption. In an interview with CBC, executive director Holly Duvall shared that they suspect the beaver was picked up by a predator and then dropped. The institute is also looking for someone to adopt the recovering rodent.

The clip is certainly worth a gander. Not just for its immense cuteness, but it’s always nice to measure your grooming technique versus that of a beaver. Please limit your double entendres in the comments to a sensible amount.

(via Mashable)