A Chain Restaurant Manager Was Fired After Giving A Female Employee A ‘Best Butt’ Award

The restaurant chain Scotty’s Brewhouse, which operates 15 locations out of Indiana, terminated at least one member of its management staff due to a sexual-harassment incident during a company event last Monday. A waitress speaking anonymously says that during the event, where various members of the staff were handed out awards such as “Best Bartender” and “Best Server,” she — on the other hand — was bequeathed a trophy for having the “Best Butt” on staff. In what literally sounds like something straight out of The Office, she was then asked to post for a photos showing off said butt in front of about 50 staff members.

We’re sure it will come as a huge surprise that the young woman — who works two jobs to put herself through college so she can someday work at a job where she doesn’t have to put up with this crap — was less than flattered. She contacted Fox 59 News regarding the incident, telling reporters, “I feel like I’m more than just a butt. I feel like I’m smart, I’m going to school.”

IndyStar later reached out to Scotty himself, Scott Wise, the owner of Scotty’s Brewhouse, who claimed that the butt award was “unsanctioned and unapproved.”

Our executive team, including myself, were completely unaware of it, we did not condone or sponsor this event. As a result, we took immediate action that included terminating management, and I have instructed our teams to immediately do additional sexual harassment training companywide, beyond the initial training process new managers go through already when they are hired.

The woman has since reached out to an attorney and is considering a lawsuit against Scotty’s Brewhouse, and/or the managers involved, which would probably help out with those student-loan payments.

(Via Fox 59 and IndyStar)