Restore Joss Whedon

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05.06.10 3 Comments

You’ve probably already heard of the website to make Stephen Baldwin rich again,, which Stephen Baldwin will gladly accept money from, but it’s totally not sleazy because it’s for Jesus.  Wait, no, it’s even more sleazy to pretend a stupid money grab has any religious merit.  If you’re going to beg for money, have some class about it like I do when I throw down a hat and tap dance till I have enough change to buy some Night Train and Buffy DVDs.

The Big Honkin’ started their own grassroots movement: Ignore Stephen Baldwin; Restore Joss Whedon.  The video below has a little NSFW language and a Serenity spoiler.  Although if you haven’t seen Serenity and you get offended when I say Alan Tudyk is f-cking awesome then we can’t be friends.

[Thanks, Geekosystem.]

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