RG3 is refusing to post on social media, and it’s becoming a distraction

Listen, I like Robert Griffin. I think he could make a extremely versitile punt returner or Slamball player. However your held to a higher standard when you are permitted to play Quaterback in the National Football League. Your supposed to be an example of all the great things this country can accomplish. Instead RG3 is choosing to spend all his offseason worrying about what hes not posting on social media and its starting to become one big distracton.

Per the DC Sports Bog:

Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III joined Larry Michael on “Redskins Nation” on Tuesday and offered some insight into why he’s laid low — especially by his standards — in the months after his rocky third season in Washington ended.

“It’s not about talking about it, it’s about being about it,” Griffin, who hasn’t posted to Twitter or Instagram since he announced his wife was pregnant in February, said of his mind-set for 2015. “That’s what my goal is this whole offseason. You gotta talk small, play big, take care of the little things so the big things fall into place.”

If hes been so busy taking care of the “little things” I have to assume hes been spending alot of time with the cardiologist folks.

Griffins been off all types of socal media since Febuary 12th when he bragged to everyone with a internet connecton that he had sex and was going to have a baby. He’s off the grid now, but should it realy come as a suprise that the worst traditional passer in the history of the NFL would be more comfortbale out of pocket? Many in D.C. circles are comparing Griffins conspicuous absence to how Vladamir Putin went missing earlier this offseason, which is ironic when you think about it because there both known as Rushin threats.

Now the franchise quaterback is going into his last year under contract and acting like hes allready given up the job by focusing too much on not being a media sideshow. The Golden Goose laid to many eggs and has become the lame duck folks.

Im the first guy to give RG3 a hard time when he spends to much time worrying about his facebook than his playbook, but you have to admit that this whole radio-silent thing is just another self-promotional stunt in a long line of “look at me” PR moves. Instead of posting every stray thought that wanders into his mind like a walking Tumblr account with touretts, now hes spending all his time thinking about how hes NOT going to post these things. FACT: it takes 100 times more muscles to frown then it does to smile, and RG3s time away from the internet is turning him into one grumpy cat. He’s become preoccupied with not worrying about getting a RT, which is actualy pretty standard behavior for the Redskins heading into the draft.

The fact reamins: RG3 is being a coward by refusing to post dumb stuff for me to call him out on. Thats how you know we’ve won allready. If he was confidence, he would post all his little slogans that sound like rejected No Fear t-shirts or something youd find in a Big Dogs quote of the day calendar. Instead hes issued a media blackout to try to suffocate the firey takes that have burned him so bad in the passed, but in reality the QB whose thrown so many games just tossed us all a handfull of matches.