Rhode Island’s Hippest Principal Parodies ‘Let It Go’ To Announce A Snow Day

Just when you thought that 2015 would be a year free of viral “Let it Go” parodies, the Moses Brown School’s Matt Glendinning has brought the Frozen hit back with a snowy vengeance. The oh-so-hip Head of School decided that in order to announce that it “would just be mean” to make his students come to school with Winter Storm Juno working its way across the Northeast, he needed to take his YouTube production value to another level. Thus, he wrote and recorded “School is Closed,” set to the tune of “Let it Go,” and this damn video is spreading like, well, a giant snow storm.

Just once, though, would it be too much to ask for a Head of School or principal or random teacher to use an AC/DC song to make an announcement like this? Let’s give the cool kids the respect they deserve.