Holy Cars And Planes! This Instagram Account Reveals The Absurd Life Of Russia’s Rich Teens


I only know one thing about Russia and that’s Russians need vodka, not water, in order to survive. But thanks to a new Instagram account, I can now add “rich Russian kids live lavish as f*ck” to my short list of facts about our western frenemies.

“Rich Russian Kids” has been doing a terrific job of shining the spotlight on just how the other, other half lives. As Unilad notes, the account is actually making a mockery of children of the Russian Federation’s Oligarch, but just ends up eliciting emotions of hate and envy.

Cars worth more than your entire life, fancy private jets, luxurious yachts, clubbing with celebrities, and expensive booze are just some of the pictures on the account, which is pretty much the Russian version of “Rich Kids of Instagram,” another tasteless account dedicated to affluent kids spending their parents’ money as they see fit. However, East or West, it really doesn’t matter because it’s all the same. These kids are blowing a seemingly unlimited amount of money fast while you’re just trying to make it through the day without getting a collections call from Sallie Mae.