Richard Simmons Recorded Himself Sitting In A Massage Chair At A Car Wash

Richard Simmons says that he’s been taking his car to the Royal Palm Car Wash “for yeeeeeeeears,” which I assume is a decent enough plug for that business, wherever it may be. But yesterday’s visit apparently changed the somewhat-ageless fitness guru’s whole life, because the management at Royal Palm added massage chairs to the waiting area, and Simmons simply couldn’t resist giving one a try and making a video of it.

Based on this video, Simmons was completely oblivious to the fact that such chairs exist, so when the little mechanized fists of pleasure started working their magic over his legs, back and neck, he freaked the f*ck out. But in fairness to Simmons, this still has nothing on the birthday video he made for himself when it comes to pure, unintentional hilarity.