Retired Makeup Artist Rick Baker And His Family All Went As The Joker (And Harley Quinn) For Halloween

Despite announcing his retirement from the movie business back in May, Academy Award-winning makeup artist Rick Baker remains one of the best practitioners of the craft today. Consider the work he did on himself, his wife, their two daughters and one of his daughter’s boyfriends. Since his daughter Veronica Baker works at DC Comics, Rick and the family decided to go with the company theme and dress as different iterations of the Joker. And, of course, Harley Quinn.

Needless to say, Baker’s work on each and every piece is spectacular. Like his own faceless Joker from artist Greg Capullo‘s New 52 version of the character and his wife’s classic Harley Quinn getup, as seen above. Considering that Rick had to start as early as 6:30 a.m local time on Halloween day, his efforts seem to be worth it.

Daughter Veronica went as the Joker of Batman: The Killing Joke. She even sported a “WITZ” brand camera from the book’s iconic cover.

As for daughter Rebecca and her boyfriend Kyle, Rick did them up at Heath Ledger’s nurse Joker from The Dark Knight and a classic black-and-white take on the character, respectively.

Basically, the Baker family is having one hell of an amazing Halloween this year. Meanwhile, the rest of us are uselessly smearing white paint on our faces, dying our hair green, and hoping for the best.

(Via Rick Baker on Twitter)