This Starbucks Customer Gives Florida Governor Rick Scott A Grande Piece Of Her Mind

The last time Florida Governor Rick Scott made national headlines, his name was being thrown around as a possible pick by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump for the vice presidency. However, his name might not remain on that imagined list after Trump sees the above video of Scott’s recent run-in with an unhappy constituent at a Starbucks in Gainesville.

According to Tampa Bay ABC affiliate WFTS, Cara Jennings called Scott out while he was in line to get a coffee. Among other things, the 39-year-old stay-at-home mother was unhappy with the governor’s decision to cut Medicaid and refuse Floridians access to significant portions of Obamacare:

“You’re an assh*le! You don’t care about working people. You should be ashamed to show your face around here.”

Scott, with the remnants of a smile still on his face, told Jennings that he’d created one million jobs in the state. This set her off even more:

“A million jobs? Great, who here has a great job?Or is looking forward to finishing school? Do you really feel like you have a job coming up?”

While Jennings continued harassing the governor, Scott and his team made an abrupt exit from the Starbucks while everyone else looked on — including the person who recorded the video. Poor ol’ Governor Scott — he just wanted one of those “vanilla bullsh*t things.”

Just to be clear, Scott wouldn’t make the Trump ticket simply because he was being criticized for cutting women’s health programs in the state (because Trump loves everyone, including protesters). Rather, Scott blows his chances because he frequents the anti-Christmas, caffeine conglomerate that Trump tried to boycott and Trump superfan Scott Baio tried to ridicule as well.

(Via WFTS and Stephen Bender on YouTube)

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