Ricky Gervais Posted A Video In Support Of The Bull That Gored A Bullfighter To Death

No stranger to outspoken views on hunting and animal cruelty, Ricky Gervais posted a video to Facebook this weekend in reaction to a 29-year-old man, Miguel Ruiz Perez, being gored to death while bullfighting in the town of Lerin, Spain. His death took place during a festival which claimed the lives of four bullfighters in just three days, and saw another man gored through the neck.

In the video, Gervais justifiably shows no sympathy toward Perez, saying: “The truth is, I do prefer the bull to win. I’ve said very often, I’d rather you didn’t fight a bull. But, if you do, if you choose to torture an animal to death, for fun, I hope it defends itself.” He later slams justifying the so-called sport because of tradition, pointing out other things human civilization has since eschewed in the name of tradition, such as slavery, witch burning, and child sacrifice.

It’s hard to disagree with anything he says. These people are knowingly putting their lives at risk — which I guess is the “sport” of the whole thing — to kill an animal in a horribly cruel manner. Sadly, the “tradition” is unlikely to end anytime soon, given Spain’s enthusiasm for bullfighting, which even resulted in another animal activist recently being violently assaulted in another part of Spain for having the nerve to attempt to comfort a dying bull.

This is far from the first time Gervais has made his feelings on bullfighting known: