Redditors Are Asking Internet Strangers To Roast Them Based On A Photo

Here’s something that’s never happened on the Internet before… people being mean to total strangers. The Subreddit Roast Me Reddit is taking over with its simple premise: Upload a photo of yourself, then wait for Reddit usersto obliterate your self-esteem. It’s like being a famous actress, where even the slightest blemish on your face is magnified into “EW YOU’RE A GROSS MONSTER.”

But, y’know, in good fun. There are even rules: You have to give written consent in your photo; the roasters are allowed to look through the Reddit history of the roastee; and you’re not allowed to share personal information, so you can’t talk about that time Jimmy peed himself in first grade.

He lives with that shame everyday. Here are some of the best entries in /RoastMe so far.

Brutal. See the rest here.

(Via Reddit)