Rob Kardashian Seemed Pretty Bummed Out After Learning The Sex Of His Baby

Four months after Blac Chyna revealed to the pop culture world that she was toting a Kardashian offspring to carry on that reputable Kardashian name for years to come, we know the sex of Chy and Rob Kardashian’s baby. It’s a… girl! Sorry, Rob. The only male Kardashian will be remaining as such.

The big reveal was made on Sunday night’s premiere episode of Rob & Chyna. The 29-year-old reclusive sock designer was really wishing for a boy after growing up and living in an estrogen-filled household with six nagging women. Earlier in the episode, he confessed the real reason he wanted a mini me was so that he could replicate the bond he had with his dad, OJ Simpson attorney Robert Kardashian. The reality star was only 16 when the famed attorney died from esophageal cancer in 2003.

“Definitely hoping for a boy because I want to have the same relationship I had with my father with my son,” Rob opened up. “So that’s what I’m praying for.”

Boy or girl, a healthy baby is really what every parent wants when it comes right down to it. Still, you couldn’t help notice Rob’s disappointment when the doctor revealed he was having a daughter and not Robert Kardashian III.