Rob Liefeld Has Written A Movie About Rob Liefeld And His Friends. It’s Called ‘Icons’ (Of Course)

01.24.13 6 years ago 22 Comments

Rob Liefeld keeps threatening to bring his misbegotten, footless creations to movie screens (both Bloodstrike and Godyssey have been optioned) but now he’s taken it a step further — Rob Liefeld’s gone and written a movie script about Rob Liefeld. Er, and the other founders of Image Comics I guess, but mostly it’s about Rob Liefeld.

This Liefeld/Image founders biopic is called ‘Icons’, because come on, what else would it be called? Hit the jump for an excerpt…

Here’s the dramatic centerpiece of the picture — the time Rob Liefeld met Eazy-E.

“I’m lovin’ me some Youngblood bro.”

Oh Eazy, you made some poor life decisions, didn’t you? Hit the second page for the continuation of this fantastic scene…

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