Rob Liefeld Quits DC Comics Ahead Of Schedule Via Twitter, Isn't Here To Make Friends

Last month Rob Liefeld said he would be resigning from DC Comics after his current runs on the New 52 were finished sometime next year. This week, however, he abruptly quit ahead of schedule and aired his grievances on Twitter, the complaint box of the 21st century.
Next month’s issues of Grifter, Savage Hawkman, and Deathstroke will be the last ones Liefeld contributes to, saying there was “too much BS” to deal with at DC. He then went on to list complaints with DC, insulting one DC associate editor (Brian Smith) repeatedly, and then hinted at where he’s going from here. And, no, the place he’s going next isn’t “the pouch store”.

Talking about what he’ll be doing instead of the DC work, Liefeld promised a return to his creator-owned work with the Extreme line at Image, saying “Bloodstrike, Brigade and a new title are in my future. And there is another media component yet to be released….” [Comics Alliance]

There’s a Bloodstrike movie in the works, if you hadn’t heard earlier this week. Yes, Liefeld quit DC right as the Bloodstrike movie news broke.
We’ve waded through the enormous pile of tweets Rob Liefeld has posted in just the past couple of days and put together a highlight reel in chronological order. This dude really doesn’t like some of his editors…