Thundercats, Hoooooooooooly Crap This Is Cool

11.21.11 7 years ago

Back in 2006, Robert Burden began a series of huge, ornate paintings based on his childhood action figures. Last time we wrote about him, we posted three videos regarding the 21 paintings he had finished up to that point. Now, after 7 months and 1000 hours of labor, he’s finished “Soldiers of Thundera”, his massive Thundercats painting measuring 6′ by 11′. The time lapse video is below.

So, if you’ve ever wanted to take a picture of yourself next to a life-sized Cheetara then send it to your family as a Christmas card after telling them you’re engaged and will send a picture of your betrothed out as a Christmas card, now’s your chance.

[Hat tip to NerdApproved and ToplessRobot.]

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