Rodarte’s Star Wars Dresses Finally Make Fashion Interesting

Fashion is generally indescribably dull. It’s essentially what happens when you cross the art world with the kind of people who take abstract concepts far too seriously. But finally, the fashion world has met nerds halfway, with couture Star Wars dresses.

The series was designed by Laura and Kate Mulleavy, who own the label, and who are actually fairly hardcore nerds in their own right: For example, they designed a magazine full of horror stories. And by all accounts, they’re rabid Star Wars fans. And we’ve got to admit, this looks a lot better than what Tumblr has been, ah, “requesting.” Take a look…

And here we were worried Disney was going to cheapen the franchise. True, it’s not the best possible use of Star Wars costumes, but it’s a lot more dignified than a T-shirt, you’ve got to admit.